How To Get Jio Sim Delivered To Your Doorstep

By | June 23, 2024

How to get Jio sim delivered to your doorstep:

When Jio was launched in India in the month of September with amazing offers. Whole India was shocked with the offers Jio is offering currently. Then Jio said that your Jio sim card will be activated within 15mins using KYC documents, which was just amazing. As earlier Jio sim cards were activated after 15longs days, which was tough.


And now recently Jio claimed that they have 1.6Billion customer which was a record by Jio. Earlier nobody had this much huge customer base within the short time of launch. So this was a great achievement for Jio.


Recently there were rumors that Jio to extend its welcome offer until 2017 march. But according to TRAI rules a company can run promotional offers until 90days. But the director of Jio said that a telecom company cannot run promotional offers for more than 90days, but a telecom company can run multiple promotional offers. Rear the whole article here.


And now we heard that Jio is going to deliver its sim cards at your doorstep. This is going to be great for a customer. So now let’s watch out the steps on How to get Jio sim delivered to your doorstep.

Steps on How to get Jio sim delivered to your doorstep

Step 1:

First and foremost you need to download and install MyJio application from the play store on your 4G smartphone.


Step 2:

Now open the Myjio application and generate the barcode and take a screenshot of it.


Step 3:

And next, you need to visit this website of Jio and fill up all the details you are asked for and then submit the form.


Step 4:

The next thing is to submit the bar code generated by you to Jio executive. And jio executive will ask for fingerprint and your KYC document (aadhar card). Just swipe your finger in the terminal of the fingerprint sensor.


That’s it!!! Your Jio sim will be activated within 15mins.

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