How To Crack Password Of Winrar Files

By | March 14, 2023

Password are kept as much secret as possible. But passwords are most important thing in our life. If there are no passwords they there is no privacy. Passwords keeps everything private. It keeps our data private and from those hackers too. So when someone keeps passwords in Winrar or ZIP file that is the time when someone is testing our patience.


Unlocking the ZIP file shall be the reason of you coming to these website. There are many websites in the web that tells you to download the files and then says to do following step which are way more irritating. So here I have a trick in which I will tell to crack the password of that zip file which you downloaded from that website.


Just follow these steps:

Step 1:

First and the foremost you need to download this tool. Here is the link.

Step 2:

To start first you need to have password protected zip file and open it using the tool which I have provided. To do this you need to click on the open button from and choose your file from your desired location in which you have password.

How To Crack Password Of Winrar

How To Crack Password Of Winrar

Step 3:

This tool uses many ways to attack the file to get the passwords from the zip file. Different types of attacks are Brute Force attacks or Dictionary attacks. There are various attacks this tool can perform on your password protected zip file.

Step 4:

After choosing the type of attack from the drop down list. To start the cracking process hit on start button. And that’s it will do the rest of the process.

Step 5:

After this the tool will start its cracking process and when is done. A popup will appear showing the password and test file in which password is saved with its location.

How To Crack Password Of Winrar

How To Crack Password Of Winrar

Step 6:

Now it’s done. You can use the password provided by the tool to unlock your Rar files.


How To Crack Password Of Winrar

How To Crack Password Of Winrar


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