How To Fix All Issues Of Reliance Jio Calling

By | May 17, 2024

How To Fix All Issues Of Reliance Jio Calling

I think this is my fifth article on Jio 4G. If you somehow managed to get a Jio 4G sim card. It doesn’t end here, using a Jio 4G sim card to the extreme level is almost impossible. And the reason behind it is 4G speeds are not stable and call doesn’t connect every time you call. So here we will tell you How to fix all issues of reliance Jio calling.


Mobile Data should be turned on (Jio):

This might be one of the main reason why your calls using Jio 4G sim doesn’t connect. So just make sure your mobile data of Jio 4G sim card is turned on. Your data connection should always be turned on while you contact someone using Jio 4G sim.


No VoLTE Support on your Smartphone:

This might be the most important reason for your calls not connecting using Jio sim card. So just make sure the smartphone you use is VoLTE enabled. VoLTE is Voice over Long Term Evolution. And guys remember one more thing VoLTE is not Hardware, it is just a software part.


Solution for Non Volte Smartphones:

How To Fix All Issues Of Reliance Jio Calling

How To Fix All Issues Of Reliance Jio Calling

Now, if your smartphone doesn’t have VoLTE support, then don’t worry Jio have a solution for that. Just download this app from play store. And the name of app was JioJoin and now it is Jio4Gvoice app. You can call using that app and hopefully you will get connected to the person whom you need to call.


Tele-Verification hasn’t been don’t yet:

How To Fix All Issues Of Reliance Jio Calling

How To Fix All Issues Of Reliance Jio Calling

Fortunately or unfortunately Jio has made tele verification for both calls and data different. So here is a small tip, always call in 1977 for Tele-Verification. And your number may be activated for both data and voice calls.


Network Busy Tone:

For the network busy tone please have a look at this article. As the things are heated between Jio and other telecom operators. Hope these things get sorted up soon.  If this move on after December 31 2016, then hopefully the preview offer date will be extended to 2017. But still call connectivity problems will occurs, if they extend the date to 2017.

Small Tip:

  • Open MyJio app and check your data usage.
  • Then minimize this App and then try to call.
  • this tip does work for me. Hope it works for you.

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