World’s Largest PowerBank-Anker Powerhouse(1,20,600mAh)

By | March 31, 2024

World’s largest power bank- this might be the word that dragged you to this website. You know around two years ago power banks weren’t that common as these days they are. Now everyone has a power bank to charge their phone. Few people have 5000 mAh or few people have 10000 or 20000 mAh power bank. So in this case you can charge your phone 4-5 times depending on your battery.


But today ANKER launched a products named Anker Powerhouse which was actually nicely presented by them. The powerhouse is none other than a power bank with massive capacity of mAh.  It has 1,20,600 mAh capacity which is huge battery capacity. It gives around 434WH of energy.


The body looks like a vintage radio. And it is made up of aluminium. It has many ports like car charger ports, or if you have solar charger then you can connect to this power house and recharge this power house. And the best part is takes around 9 hours to fully charge and 16 hours on a solar charger to charge.


Now this power bank can charge your smartphone 40 times and your laptop for around 15 times. In normal usage it may run up to 30 days. You can use this as a power source for your refrigerator, a table fan or a lamp, etc. it weights almost 9.6kgs. But depending on the features it avails the weight is still compatible.


Now let’s come to the pricing point. Anker sells this power house at the price of 499$. But now there is season sale so it offer a 20% discount. So you may get this power house for 399$.


So is this a great deal?? Comment your views in the comment section. Do share this article so your friend may know about this huge powerhouse.

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