PC Laptops Buying Tips – What to Look for When Buying a Laptop

By | June 6, 2023

If you found this article, it means you are getting informed about the purchase of a quality laptop. Quality means a great budget, but also a bit of attention regarding marketing that stores use.

Besides, we have to choose a good brand at a decent price with the options we really need. Lately, the trend is for SSDs, so we have a lot of SSD, SSH or even both laptops.

PC Laptops Buying Tips

I use both laptop and desktop, and the differences are enormous. Friends are always amazed at the speed of the laptop’s reaction.

The trend is toward mobile devices; the world has lately used tablets, smartphones, and even laptops with a touchscreen. The touchscreen has not caught me yet, I do not get it right with my tablet, but my computer is my friend.

How we choose the best laptop for 2018?

As I said above, stores want to sell, so you’ll find some sort of deals to buy a laptop. Some are good; some are less good. You need to be careful about the details. See below a laptop guide to help you decide.

Before buying a laptop, it is essential to know what we will use your laptop for. The idea is for the computer to be used for anything.

From my point of view, a real gaming laptop with which you can play Battlefield 4 or Crysis 3 with the details at maximum exceeds 1000 euro. With this money, you can buy the last generation desktop.

If we use the laptop for photo editing, photo editing, we will have to take care of the display we choose. If editing is done at home, we can add a quality monitor, so we get a little cheaper.

For those who use the office laptop, small things, I recommend a lightweight notebook, maybe even an ultrabook, which we can easily carry.

At the same time, a computer with a good battery should be looked for. I have my laptop for some time, but it’s not perfect, but if tomorrow I would take one sure I would choose the following criteria: brand, price, display, design, components, weight, battery life, cooling.

Laptop buying tips

I hope to be able to capture you with precious information in the following rows.


Many people do not put a great deal on the brand. From my point of view, it matters the most. If you look at online stores, you will notice that there are many similar configurations, but with quite high price differences. Click this.

Components are roughly the same, the same component manufacturers often supply laptop manufacturers. However, the difference is through the design, the way the parts are assembled, the way they are cooled, the fan position, the display, etc. All this makes a laptop more expensive or cheaper.

When I choose a brand, I try to pick a reliable brand, not for nothing: “we are too poor to buy cheap stuff.” I note the most ok brands (in order of trust): ASUS, Lenovo, HP, Sony Vaio, Acer, Samsung, Dell. I have not even forgotten Apple, but I’m business, not everyone likes it.


It is essential for a laptop. Fan positioning, component cooling, all have to be done with one. Not all businesses “think” when making a computer, so you need to search the internet for the opinions of those who have purchased that laptop.

It would be perfect for the producing companies to provide information about cooling, but often they do not exist. Just in the reviews of those who had the opportunity to unfold them.

I will put less price on cooling if you have laptop models that do not have a dedicated video card and have SSD. These are ok from this point of view because they do not have many sources that can overheat your laptop.


Taste is not discussed, if I like a laptop, my neighbor may not like it. It’s normal; we’re different.

I’ve recommended someone with an ultra-cool ASUS component with two generations newer than an older Sony Vayo, and he chose the second version because he liked the design. He preferred design instead of battery autonomy and more advanced components.

Additional reference: https://www.wikihow.com/Choose-a-Laptop

4] Laptop Keyboard

If I switch my laptop tomorrow, I will choose one with the illuminated keyboard, based on Intel Haswell, with an aluminum case.