These 10 Google Links Every Google User Should Know

By | July 8, 2024

Google is actually the best thing ever happened to the software industry. It gives all the privileges that a user needs. So today here we will discuss the links that every google user must know. These 10 important links will unlock each and every data that google knows about you. These 10 links show what google knows about you.These 10 Google Links Every Google User Should Know.


You must log in to your Google account and click on these links.

These 10 Google Links Every Google User Should Know

#1 Passwords:

To make the ease of remembering passwords. Google offers to save the password when you log into some account. So Google saves those passwords on their servers. And you can view all those passwords here in this link.

Google Passwords

#2 Takeout:

As everybody might be knowing that we can save our contacts, photos, and other stuff to Google servers. So, if we need to grab those photos or contacts. You can head over to this link.

Google Takeout

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#3 Legal:

If you ever find something that your content is being used on some website. Then you can raise a DMCA complaint to Google and get that content removed. Google has simple to remove the content from those websites.

Google Legal

#4 Ads:

Now, here google creates your profile on the basis of the sites you visit, guessing your age, gender and some interest of you. And then this data is used to serve more relevant ads. Use this URL to know how google sees you on the web.

Google Ads

#5 Timeline:

You take your android smartphone wherever you go. At the same time google records your timeline in the maps. You can know your whole timeline of the day at this link.

Google Maps Timeline

#6 New Google Account using existing account:

The regular sign-up process uses your address as your Google account username but with this special URL, you can use any other email address as your username. Click on the below link.

Existing user account.

#7 Search History:

Whatever you search on Google or YouTube, Google stores that search history in its servers. It doesn’t matter if it is normal to search or a voice search. Google saves all those search terms in its server. You can have a look at those terms in this link.

 Search History

 Voice Searches

 YouTube Searches

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#8 Inactive accounts:

If you don’t use your Gmail account for more than 9 months. Then Google may terminate your account according to its termination policies. You can activate those accounts by using this link.

Google Inactive Accounts

#9 Security:

Worried about if a hacker is accessing your account. You can see the activity log on your Gmail account. Including the IP Address, Geographic Locations. Unfortunately, you can’t remotely log out of that specific device.

Google Security

#10 Device Manager:

If you lost your Android Phone. Then don’t worry Google device manager has your back. This helps in tracking your device. You can even remotely format the device or ring the device bit louder than the normal one.

Google Device Manager

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