Snapdragon 835 Unveiled By Qualcomm with Quick Charge 4.0

By | July 7, 2024

It is once again that Samsung and Qualcomm are together for the making of the new Qualcomm chip. Earlier Qualcomm partnered with Samsung to launch snapdragon 820 and 821 for Samsung 10nm chip. The named it Snapdragon 835 which will be coming in the upcoming flagship smartphone or tablets. so let’s have a look Snapdragon 835 Unveiled By Qualcomm with Quick Charge 4.0.

Snapdragon 835 Unveiled By Qualcomm with Quick Charge 4.0:

Flagships smartphones with Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG’s G6 will have this chipset. As the Note 7 scenario has been everywhere in the market, so smartphone manufacturers will be looking for a good processor with improved power consumption technology. It is also a sign that Qualcomm will be dropping the Snapdragon 830 moniker for the next flagship until a lower-tier version of the 835 is announced by the company.


Now, we know that Qualcomm snapdragon 835 will have Samsung 10nm 10LPE FinFET manufacturing process in contrast to the 14nm process used on the 821. This shows that the processor can performance 27% more comparing its predecessor. And the energy consumption will be 40% comparing its predecessor.

Quick Charge 4.0:

Snapdragon 835 Unveiled By Qualcomm with Quick Charge 4.0

Snapdragon 835 Unveiled By Qualcomm with Quick Charge 4.0

The smartphones which have this killer chip will have Qualcomm Quick charge 4.0. , which will be the rapid charging technology as well as it will be more powerful and reliable in relation to the current version says, Qualcomm. Anyways, this new chip will serve you 5 hours for a 5 minutes charge. Well comparing its predecessor, it is 20% faster.

Samsung’s working:

Samsung is also working on its own chip named as Exynos and with the 10 nm process in the line it becomes obvious for the company to use the same. But, this is just a speculation, as the company has not given any official statement on the same. Looking at the present scenario, the recent announcement will be fruitful for both the companies as Samsung is looking to expand its roots in the chipset segment and with the recent loss of the company due to Note 7 mishap, it shows a positive sign.


This will have USB type 3.0 and result is faster data transfers and faster charging. Qualcomm claims that this chip will charge 0-50% in 15mins of charging time. But the question here arises is what is the reason behind the naming of this chip. While everyone was expecting after snapdragon 810 and 820 there will be snapdragon 830. But it turns out to be wrong.

The Expectations:

Well, the snapdragon 835 is already in making in Samsung factory. The expected thing over here is, this chip will be in the smartphones that are going to launch in mid-2017.

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