Salary Of RBI Governor- Raghuram Rajan

By | September 23, 2023

Salary might be the word that have dragged you to this open this article. salary is considered as the main thing in India as salary shows your image in society. salary is the only thing which is seen by our Neighbors and not the work.


Having your signature in the currency notes of India is the coolest thing ever. I mean it feels so great to have a signature of yours in the currency of India. But this can only happen if you are RBI governor of India. If you are governor of Reserve Bank of India then your signature will be used in every currency notes of India.


Everybody might be knowing that Raghuran Rajan is RBI Governor of India. He even have his lavish bungalow which heads in the south Mumbai- living opposite to India’s richest industrialists. But the greatest disadvantage is the salary they provide to RBI Governor of India.


This basically means, he is ranked at par with the highest civil servant in the country, though logically, his office in reality can be considered as the true Deputy Finance Minister of the Country.


As per reports Mr Raghuran Rajan draws around 1.98 lacs which is much less than the salary of present IIM graduates of India.


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