Mandatory Linking of PUC With Motor Insurance Policy – EPCA to Follow SC Order

By | March 25, 2022

The Supreme Court of India, in an attempt to curb the problem of air pollution, has made it compulsory for all vehicles to have a PUC clearance in order to get a new car insurance plan or even to renew an existing policy.

Linking of PUC With Motor Insurance Policy


The Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) said it will closely work along with the general insurance providers of the country to ensure this ruling is implemented in its entirety.

1] What does the ruling say?

The apex court of India has recently ruled that for a car to get its insurance cover renewed, the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate must be up-to-date. If a vehicle does not have its PUC done, its insurance cover won’t be renewed.

This is in contrast to the Insurance Act’s regulations, which state that every car on the roads on this country needs a valid third-party vehicle insurance cover at all times. The Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) therefore is finding it difficult to implement this rule.

The EPCA, however, is determined to work towards this goal and ensure every vehicle gets its pollution levels checked and controlled before plying on the roads.

2] How can the EPCA help?

Very few people can deny the fact that the strict need for a check on pollution is required. This is why we must all appreciate the Supreme Court’s recent ruling. The EPCA is working very hard to ensure this rule is followed.

It is working with the insurance companies to see how many vehicles are getting their PUC done and how many violators are trying to get car insurance without it. Once the figures are in front, it will become much easier for everyone to tackle the issue of air pollution.

3] Why is the ruling so crucial?

The ruling is crucial because it will force every vehicle owner to adjust the emissions coming out of their cars. It is not difficult to keep pollution under control.

If you drive and maintain your car properly, the emissions will remain proper too. This will make it easier for you to get a good vehicle insurance cover.

For defaulting vehicles, the restrictions on renewing car insurance online will act as a factor to quickly get the PUC of the vehicle done. This will dramatically decrease the harmful emissions and may help to reduce the problem of air pollution in the country.

As we all know, vehicle emissions are a major contributor to the problem of poor-quality air. If this problem is solved, the rest can follow as well.

This is why it is so crucial for everyone to follow the Supreme Court ruling.

4] How can I help here?

You can help too – all you have to do is get the PUC done from time to time. If you maintain your car, then you will get the clearance instantly and you can then renew car insurance online without any issues.

If, however you notice that there are some problems with the pollution levels of your car, make sure you take the vehicle to a garage at the earliest. Get the issue fixed and obtain your PUC on time.

Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate


You can also contribute by making the ruling known to everyone. If you notice a friend or a neighbour is not adhering to the law, explain the benefits it brings along and encourages them to get their PUC done before they renew car insurance online.


Air pollution is a mass murderer and if you contribute to it, you get pulled into the sin too. So, do your bit and make sure you have the PUC certificate with you at all times. Follow the SC rule and renew your car insurance plan only after you get the PUC done.