Everything About Reimbursement Claim In Two Wheeler Insurance

By | March 24, 2022

Most of the bikers are incredibly attached to their bikes and quite rightly so. If you are one of them, the chances are high that you take extremely good care of your bike.

Ensuring that you use the best engine oils, chain sprays, lubricants, polish, etc. Why not take the care one step ahead and secure it with a bike insurance policy as well?

Reimbursement Claim In Two Wheeler Insurance


Having the right bike insurance policy will ensure that you do not have any financial nightmares if your bike meets with an accident.

Even if you have insurance, a lot of people struggle during the claims process. Lack of proper knowledge is one of the prime reasons for people having a difficult time with the claims process.

What are the two Types of claims in Two Wheeler Insurance?

It is imperative that you are aware of the different types of claims and then get into their details. You can either opt for a cashless claim settlement or reimburse your expenses. Read on to get a better understanding:

1] Cashless Claim

As the name suggests, the entire process is cashless, and you do not have to pay anything from your pockets, apart from any deductibles. Insurance companies usually have a list of authorized service centers. If you visit or get your bike repaired at any of these locations, you can avail cashless service.

2] Reimbursement Claim

In this method, you would need to inform your insurer about the repairs or fixes. You can then pay for the expenses from your pocket and claim for reimbursement. The insurance company usually does some verification at their end, a post which they will disburse the amount to your account.

How to file a Reimbursement Claim?

Both the claim types are available, irrespective of whether you buy bike insurance online or offline. The following steps will help you get through your first claim, which can be a bit overwhelming since there are a lot of factors to consider.

1] Reach out to your insurer

It is important to reach out to your insurer at the earliest when it comes to claims. The reasons are profound because some insurers do not accept claim requests if they are done after a certain time-period or might lead to complications. If you have bought bike insurance online, you can log in to the portal to get details on how to contact the insurance company.

2] File an FIR

In the unfortunate event that your bike has met with an accident or has been stolen, you should file an FIR with the nearest police station. It is important that you lodge an FIR because insurers usually look for a copy of the same. if you are unable to do so, ask a friend or relative to lodge an FIR on your behalf.

3] Evaluation

You can visit any garage to get an evaluation of the degree of damages that the bike has incurred. If you wish to proceed with cashless service, you must visit any network garages for the same. If it is not possible, you can visit any independent garage and get the evaluation done.

4] Settlement

Once the bike is repaired, you must pay all the charges at the service center and collect your bike. The next step involves you filling up the relevant forms and filing for claim reimbursement. It is essential to keep a copy of all the documents that the service center provides for a smooth claims process.

5] Documents Needed

When you wish to claim your online two wheeler insurance, you need to furnish the following documents. The list of documents remains the same for both online two wheeler insurance and offline as well.

Documents Needed


  1. A claim form that is duly filled and signed.
  2. A copy of the registration certificate of the bike.
  3. A copy of the driving license of the person riding the bike.
  4. A copy of the bike insurance policy.
  5. A copy of FIR in the case of an accident.
  6. All the original bills, receipts, and release proofs.

While buying bike insurance online, nobody wishes to get through a claims process. However, being aware of the steps involved would ensure that you can get through it easily without any hassles. One of the advantages of two wheeler insurance online is that you have access to several online features. You can converse with the insurance company online and get any queries clarified.

The Bottom Line

To ensure that your two wheeler insurance online claim goes well, ensure that you have the above-mentioned documents and follow the process. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact your insurer.