How To Get A Job At Google By Just Its Secret Search

By | May 7, 2024

How To Get A Job At Google By Just Its Secret Search:

Everybody dreams to work in a MNC i.e Multinational companies. Especially when it comes to work at Google people go crazy when they hear the work Google if you need to work at Google you need to work so hard. As is enough smart to make you down. so lets have a look at How To Get A Job At Google By Just Its Secret Search.

Few things about Google:

Actually Google is masters in creativity and its method for is pretty enough to make you crazy.

Actually Google has fitted an algorithm in its search engine. And the algorithm looks out for the search results which you searched for. Here, Google will search for the people whose search habits fits in their code book. Once assured of that, Google will ask you to apply for a job.

The Important Part:

Just checkout how this person managed to fit in the google code book.


Google has one of the ridiculous process of recruitment of the employees at the Google. This person somehow managed to fit in the Google codebook.


Actually, Google checks out people who fit in the Codebook. Once the person who meets the criteria, Google’s algorithm will offer you to apply for a job. Sounds great.


Max Rosset was the person who somehow managed to work at google. He describes his experience in his blog. How did he joined Google by just searching for “ Python Lambda Function List Comprehension”.

How To Get A Job At Google By Just Its Secret Search

How To Get A Job At Google By Just Its Secret Search

Max was actually looking for some information for science project and then suddenly a popup appears, showing apply for a job at Google. As he was just searching for “ Python Lambda Function List Comprehension” for his science project.


Google’s message popped up, breaking apart the usual blue linked result page.


The message read: “You’re speaking our language. Up for a challenge?”


Just like any arcade game Google gave the options of ‘I want to play’ and ‘No thanks’. Rosett went for “I want to play” option and then started a challenging series of programming questions.


Then later Max, completed all the rounds. These rounds were actually based on the algorithms. And process was up for two weeks.


Once Max completed the sixth question was asked to submit the contact information. Couple of days later it asked for a resume.


After completing all the hiring process which was way more complicated than the usual Google careers, the usual portal.


After all those typical rounds and interviews, Max managed to work at Google. And is working now at Google.


However the same mysterious page will not appear again if you search the same word again. As Google is smart enough to check if you meet its codebook criteria.


Note: Images src – Google.

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