How To Fix Firefox Errors On Windows

By | April 3, 2024

Firefox is one of the famous browser in all platforms. It runs smoothly on any platform. It runs perfectly with its add-on that are provided by the Mozilla. And its UI is too great. Its UI is so simple that a Non-techie guy may make his way to use it properly.


But sometimes it does crash and it restart sometimes. So here I am going to provide you with some solution to make Mozilla work flawlessly on your PC.


1) Firefox crashes at Start-up:

If your browser crashes in other words it force closes sometimes. Then it’s time to uninstall the whole browser and reinstall it. This might help you to make Mozilla work properly.


2) Update the software:

             Check if your browser has any update then it a must step to install your update first. Then check if it works properly. If it doesn’t work. Then check if your plug-ins are updated. If not then update it. If one of the solution works. Then you can enjoy your browser. If not then follow the below steps.


3) Update windows and drivers:

            If you windows or drivers are not up to date. Then just make sure you update it regularly. As those updates are regular security patches that makes all software run properly. If you think that updating windows and drivers of windows is too long process to handle. Then you can move up with another browser. If you need this browser to work properly then you need to do above provided steps.


4) Update Internet Security And Check For Virus:

            You know sometimes your browser crashes due to some kind of virus that is on your computer. So that may affect the browser to work properly. And make sure your internet security tool is updated and working properly.


5) Firefox in Safe Mode:

             Press shift while Firefox is starting and it will prompt you to start Firefox in safe mode. Hit ok and it will start Firefox in safe mode. Just like windows it troubleshoots the browser and make it work proper.


6) Check RAM:

             You can also check the RAM for errors in it by using Memtest86+ tool as the errors in RAM might also be the cause of Firefox crashes.


So by following above steps your Firefox Browser must work properly without any error.

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