Turing Cadenza – Smartphone With 12GB Of RAM

By | May 12, 2024

Turing Cadenza – Smartphone With 12GB Of RAM

Technology moving these days is just unbelievable. AS you might be knowing previously Blackberry launched the most secured phone in the world which Blackberry DTEK50. The term “Most Secured Smartphone in the world” was actually claimed by Blackberry. However Turing Cadenza – Smartphone With 12GB Of RAM has defeated the Blackberry in terms of security.


Now, what if I say that there is something more than that. The smartphone that has End To End encryption of your communication in it. And one more thing I would request you people to have a look at its spec sheet and I guarantee you will be totally amazed.


Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) has unveiled its latest smartphone. The name of the smartphone is Turing Cadenza. This smartphone is not just a smartphone. It has some “Voice On” technology through which you can turn on/off using voice commands. It is even said that this technology can even be used as Biometric Authentication.


Specification of Turing Cadenza:

The smartphone has 5.8” QHD (Quad HD) display with a resolution of 1440x2560pixel.  This is the main part. This phone doesn’t have only one Snapdragon 830 processor, but Turing Cadenza has two Snapdragon 830 processor. And the best part the two processor are paired with 12GB of RAM, yes you heard it right.

And it just doesn’t end here it has 1TB of internal Storage and this can further be extended by using an micro SD card expansion up to 500GB. You might have already drooled with the specs we have told you till now. But it still doesn’t end here.

Turing Cadenza - Smartphone With 12GB Of RAM

Turing Cadenza – Smartphone With 12GB Of RAM

Turing Cadenza has stunning 60MP rear camera with IMAX 6K recording feature. And it is paired with dual 20MP as front facing camera. User can use up to 4 Nano sim cards on this smartphones.


Turing Cadenza uses its own OS named as Swordfish OS which has deep learning of AI (Artificial Intelligence). And at last it has 100Wh battery with Graphene and Hydrogen fuel cells.


However, these feature are just unbelievable. But still if this smartphone is scheduled to launch in 2017. If this smartphone launches then, the main question over here is how much the price will be of Turing Cadenza.


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Note: Image Src – Turing Robotics Industries (TRI).

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