Reliance Jio To Extend Welcome Offer To March 2017 Analysis

By | December 5, 2023

Reliance Jio To Extend Welcome Offer To March 2017 Analysis:

Everybody might be knowing that Jio was launched commercially on September 01 2016 and it was later available to all 4G devices on September 05 2016. After that, Jio was in many controversies. Other telecom operators were not proving enough point of interconnections to jio and it was resulting call drops for all jio subscribers.


Recently Jio made an update that it has 16million subscribers and it was covered within months. The Mumbai-based telco already expressed that it might further drag ongoing free offer if the interconnection issue with incumbent operators would not resolve.


“Mass-scale free welcome offer could continue until March 2017 to attract subscriber growth towards the celebrated 100 million mark with RJio’s indicative data pricing at Rs 130-140 per gigabyte (GB),” Motilal Oswal analysts in a note said.

Reliance Jio To Extend Welcome Offer To March 2017 Analysis

Reliance Jio To Extend Welcome Offer To March 2017 Analysis

Reliance industries LTD managers stated that there are no restrictions that a telecom operator cannot run multiple promotional offers. According to TRAI rules a telecom operator can run a promotional offer up to 90days. Which in Jio case it ends on December 03 2016. There are no rules how many times a company can offer.


Anyhow, new jio subscribers will have jio welcome offers until December 03 2016. However, old customers will have the welcome offer until December 31, 2016.


Jio welcome offer has free calls and free SMS with 4GB 4G daily FUP is included. But due to lack of point of interconnections, which were not provided to jio by other rival telecom companies. So finally TRAI has fined the major telecom companies like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone will be fined 3050cores for blocking call of jio customers.


Anshuman Thakur, head of strategy and planning at Reliance Jio, said, “We have told Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) and government that customers have faced issues with regard to the quality of service due to the interconnection congestion and they have not been able to enjoy the services that they deserve and what we want to deliver to them. And till we are in a position where we can deliver the quality of service as desired by the Jio management, it will be unfair to charge the customer.”

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