iPhone SE at Rs 1000 per month

By | March 23, 2024

Few week ago apple launched its new iPhone which was pretty impressive. By the way for your info the name of the iPhone was iPhone SE. but then apple came to Indian market and launched this iPhone at a whooping price of Rs 40,000. Whole India was shocked after the pricing of apple behind this iPhone.


In fact so many were trolling apple for their price of the iPhone for keeping it too high. Now as the price is too high nobody was going to buy this iPhone. Apple has back up. So it played few strategies to come up with their targets which they expected from our countries.


Now Indian corporates can buy an iPhone SE for Rs 1000 per month. This offer is for iPhone 6s and 6s plus too. The charges are Rs 1199 for 6s and Rs 1399 for 6s plus per month. You can use this leasing program for the newly launched iPad pro. But the pricing isn’t yet unveiled.


However, this scheme can be availed by corporate members and they can switch to another iPhone model by paying the increased amount on monthly basis. Corporate leasing program by Apple was available in India for over a year, however it seems that Apple is getting serious about this program now.


In a bid to boost the sales of iPhone SE in India, Apple launched this scheme to its various products as iPhone SE is not witnessing the expecting sales which the company is aiming in the country.


Seems apple seeking its sales from India. But everything is not going to its expectation and they have these kind of schemes to make their increment in their products. According to info iPhone SE was out of stocks in US.


This strategy is more likely to work on emerging smartphones companies in India. By this strategy they can gain more customers. If you have your view comment below in comment section..

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