9 Billionaires Who Are College Dropouts Or Didnt Go To College

By | April 12, 2024


At home our parents use to say study well, score well and create a Multinational company. But for that we need to work and get some sort of nice degree in our hands to start a good start up. But here are the few billionaires who are college dropouts but still their business runs successful all over the world. so here are the 9 Billionaires Who Are College Dropouts Or Didnt Go To College.


1) Bill Gates:

Bill gates

Bill Gates SRC-http://i.telegraph.co.uk/

Full Name: William Henry Bill Gates

Age: 60 years

Born: October 28 1955

Net Worth: 79.2Million dollars USD

Organizations Founded: Microsoft Corporation.


2) Azim Premji:

Azim Premji

Azim Premji SRC-http://media2.intoday.in/

Full Name: Azim Hashim Premji

Age: 70Years

Born: July 24 1945

Net Worth: 17.5Million$

Organizations Founded:  Azim Premji University, Mission10X, Azim Premji Foundation, Wipro.


3) Mark Zuckerberg:


Mark-Zuckerberg Src- http://cdn.prnewsonline.com/

Full Name: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Age: 31

Born: May 14 1984

Net worth: 35.7Billion$

Organization Found: Facebook


4) Steve Jobs:




Full Name: Steven Paul Steve Jobs

Age: –

Born: Feb 24 1955

Net worth: 233.7Billion$

Organization Found: Apple


5) Jack Dorsey:

jack Dorsey

jack Dorsey SRC-http://techonomy.com/

Full Name: Jack Dorsey

Age: 39

Born: November 19 1976

Net worth: 2.3Billion $

Organization Found: Twitter


6) Jan Koum:

Jan Koum

Jan Koum Src-http://static3.businessinsider.com/

Full Name: Jan Koun

Age: 40

Born: Feb 24 1976

Net worth: 7.9Billion$

Organization Found: WhatsApp.Inc.


7) Michael Dell:

Michael Dell

Michael Dell Src-https://pbs.twimg.com

Full Name: Michael Saul Dell

Age: 51

Born: Feb 23 1965

Net worth: 19.5Billion$

Organization Found: Dell, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, MSD Capital LP, Dell Software


8) Evan Williams:

Evan Williams

Evan Williams Src-http://www.valuewalk.com/

Full Name: Evan Clark Williams

Age: 44

Born: March 31 1972

Net Worth: 1.91Billion$

Organizations Founded: Twitter


9) Paul Allens:

Paul Allen

Paul Allen Src-http://blogs-images.forbes.com/

Full name: Paul Gardner Allen

Age: 63

Born: Jan 31 1953

Net Worth: 17.4Billion$

Organization Founded: Microsoft Foundations.


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