How Is the Road Ahead for EdTech In India

By | January 10, 2022

What is the Future of Indian EdTech

The following article has been inspired by the thoughts of Mr. Mayank Srivastava. He is the Founder of Experts’ Global, one of the world’s leading EdTech firms in the field of GMAT prep and MBA admission consulting.

Educational technology - Field of study

Education Technology, often called EdTech, is the practice of using technology to impart education and it carries the potential to radically alter how we do so. Technology might seem as if it is already omnipresent, within education, but the truth is that we have barely scratched the surface of how far it can go.

The potential of EdTech, to change how we see education, is quite valuable in countries such as India. These countries have severe social, economic, and geographic divides that have always been a hindrance to the effective dissemination of education.

EdTech presents the opportunity to build an education infrastructure that will transcend these boundaries. Here are some of the ways EdTech will evolve.

The Development of Adaptive Learning Solutions

All students have a different capacity to absorb different subjects. As all students learn at a different pace, they all need to be taught in accordance with their capacity. Educators understand this fact, quite well, but cannot afford to devote so much time to each individual student.

EdTech solutions can help educators deal with this limitation. Through specialized programs, EdTech solutions can analyze a student’s performance and then adapt the learning module to fit them.

Greater Usage of Instructional Videos

Videos lectures are already utilized by a number of educators, albeit in an informal capacity. Soon, however, these videos will become a part of the syllabi of many institutes of higher learning. Such videos will be prepared by some of the leading figures, in each field.

These videos will create a fundamental shift in the structure and purpose of classroom learning. The teacher’s primary task will then be to discuss the takeaways of the lectures and work with the students to ensure that they understand them.

Freeing up Time for Working with Students

In addition to delivering lectures, there are many other tasks that educators will be able to do with the help of EdTech solutions. Mundane chores, such as scheduling and data keeping, will become fully automated. Grading tasks will also be handled by EdTech tools.

Objective type answers are already graded in this manner and soon, with the help of specially designed AI tools, subjective type answers will be too.

Analytics Will be Used to Help Make Career Decisions

There are certain types of advanced algorithms that, if provided with the proper data, can provide an excellent analytical breakdown of an individual’s skills and interests. It can then compare these fields against the individual’s career choices, to measure the sync between them.

The Development of Collaborative Tools

With the help of technology, working together on leisure pursuits has become easier than ever. Specially designed EdTech tools will make it just as easy to work together, across the most extreme of boundaries, on education and learning.

The Classroom Will Change

Classroom Will Change

It would be inaccurate to claim that the traditional classroom is on its way out. There are still many skills and values that are best taught in a physical setup.

In fact, EdTech will need to be fully adopted by traditional educational systems, to reach its full potential. EdTech may change how the classroom operates, but it will not end it.