Why Online Betting Sites Give Lucrative Promotions to Their Users

By | May 2, 2022

Betting on land has been prevalent for a very long time. It became an extremely vital part of a lot of people’s lives and was the one stop centre for entertainment. However, it came with its shortcomings. Land gambling created an atmosphere that was way too overwhelming for so many bettors.

Instead of worrying about game strategies, bettors often fretted over the bankroll money remaining intact and not stolen, they were almost always careful of the bookmakers lest they loot the bettor away.

Sports Betting Online

All these problems gave rise to a new world of online betting which worked to form specially personalised betting experience. But apart from that, they also arrange for welcome bonuses and promotional bonuses for the bettors to avail and that makes the process even more exciting.


So there are few bonuses which linger on all round the year for both existing and new members of these betting sites. These bonuses might look very confusing and suspicious at the outset, but making the most of the bookmaker is necessarily the way to hit luck in this career of being a bettor.


There are different kinds of bonuses which are employed which can be used by the players to win some extra money.


Bookmakers are offering matched bonuses, which run around the idea that the bettor gets the exact money as bonus as much he had deposited or wagered. Such promotions allow the bettor to receive a free bet between 50-200% stake.


So deposit bonuses are specially designed bonuses for the new customers. They get a matched deposit bonus of 100% proportion. That is to say, if a new punter deposits Rs. 1000 that gets automatically raised to Rs.2000.

This surge in the bonus fund does not need a punter to place a bet to get qualified. However, other criteria of bonus funds have to be met.


This bet is not as popularly seen as it was earlier. Some bookmakers provide bonuses to a certain extent to bettors if they were unsuccessful at an attempt. Basically, it provides a chance to place a successful bet.


Stake return bonuses mean that the bookie is going to reimburse the stake along with the winnings, resulting in an excellent value.

Promotions and bonuses are really fun to think of, however they can be trickier than what they appear to be. It is imperative for us to check a few promotions for ourselves in https://www.10cric.com/promotions/offers/. This will give us a fairer idea of what we are dealing with.


Human nature has always been over accomplishing. Wherever there is an avenue of getting extra, people want to get the most out of it. This increases adrenaline rush so much that people can’t help but avail offers in the quest of obtaining some extra benefit. In this case, it is extra money. A little bonus of money doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?

Online betting sites very rightly tapped on this characteristic of human nature. They created specially designed bonus schemes suitable for different kinds of customers. These bonuses helped the customers earn some extra money and on the contrary, they placed their trust and interest in this particular betting site.

This bilateral transaction of interests are not as apparent as they just sounded. The betting sites very coyly cover their interests up to invite more customers to avail their bonus offers. Well, by doing so they solve a lot of problems. They are as follows.

There is always an existing set of customers to a betting site. This set has been a part of the journey of this site ever since its inception. They have been the most loyal consumers and hence their consistent power pack. To ensure their absolute engagement and benefit, betting companies often create bonuses.

These bonuses consolidate their consumer base to a very great extent. Besides, these companies are up for business, so the more the merrier. However, the only people who can truly increase the number of consumers are the existing customers. So promotional bonuses are employed which encourage them to invite new people to the site.

The new set of customers: For a business to be successful,one needs to ensure that it never receives a flat curve. That is the reason why online betting sites specially curate bonuses to profit the new customers.

Because as it is famously told, the first impression is often the formative impression. The bonuses like matched deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses are all made for these newbies.

Increasing the reach: The reach increases with increase in the consumers of a betting site. The best way to lure customers in has always been bonuses, and hence quite naturally that has been the norm even now.

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