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How to increase battery life of your laptop

How to increase battery life of your laptop
Written by MohitPatel

Battery problem is todays major issue we to fill up. But coming to smartphones you get a wide variety smartphones with heavy batteries in it. But the question over here is you don’t have so many choices for a laptop. They never sell a laptop with heavy batteries in it. So indeed we need to adjust with the provided   batteries. And they result in showing poor battery performance. So I am here to show you few tips for saving battery. First few tips and then a process to calibrate your battery.

Just follow these tips:

  • Decrease your screen brightness
  • Never use your lappy while it is being charged
  • Disable wi-fi when you are not using
  • Disable Bluetooth when not in use
  • Do not use wi-fi when wi-fi signals are too weak
  • Sleep your laptop or shut down your laptop when not in use
  • Unplug or eject external devices when not in use
  • Don’t run those apps which end up eating more ram.


So these were the tips I can say to get a good battery life on your laptop. These tips will not show you results in a short time. If you maintain to follow these tips it would end up in good results.


Now follow these steps to calibrate your battery.

Step 1: click on start menu

Step 2: Now type cmd

Step 3: Right click on cmd and select “Run as administrator”

Step 4: Now type the following code without quotes “powercfg –energy”.

Step 5: Hit enter. Now wait for some time it will calibrate your laptop’s battery.


NOTE: This trick is only working for windows 7 and windows 8 users.

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